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              COSCO SHIPPING Logistics Awards for BOSCH International Logistics RDC Project—Railway EU<>CN
              發布時間: 2020-11-03 分享到:

              After bid preparation and competition for more than 8 months, COSCO SHIPPING Logistics successfully awards for BOSCH International Railway EU<>CN Business on Oct. 30th 2020.

              COSCO SHIPPING Logistics will provide a two-way, full process logistics solution for more than 100 BOSCH auto parts factories in Europe and more than 30 factories in China that brings BOSCH  more stability and efficiency to optimize the supply chain layout.

              The awarding contributes to COSCO SHIPPING Logistics’ implementation of the strategic cooperation agreement between COSCO SHIPPING Group and Chongqing Municipal Government, inland international RDC construction of Chongqing, further multimodal service products of EU<>CN Railway, and the promotion of overseas service ability. It also stands for a breakthrough on full process supply chain service for key accounts of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics’ container unit.

              Since this project began in Jun 2019, COSCO SHIPPING Logistics has given full play to Group resource superiority and formed a team of Chongqing (as the main marketing and connecting role) and Europe branch. Overcoming the negative impact of COVID-19, we have been keeping working closely with Chongqing Port and Logistics Office and Chongqing Xiyong Comprehensive Bonded Zone Committee for solution optimization and the main route trial operation stability.

              Based on the implementation, COSCO SHIPPING Logistics will further enhance the cooperation with BOSCH on RDC Asia-Pacific Project and Auto After-Sales Service Project, boosting BOSCH strategic development in China and ASEAN region.


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