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              500 Aircrafts in 12 years! COSCO Shipping’s full guarantee for international supply chain of Airbus project
              發布時間: 2020-04-24 分享到:

              In the morning of April 14th, 2020, the 500th aircraft of FAL Asia,  successfully arrived and is delivered at Airbus Tianjin Final Assembly Line Company Limited  in Binhai New Area, Tianjin. COSCO Shipping provided door-to-door logistics services for the aircraft. COSCO Shipping Airbus project has hence set a historical record again.

              Airbus project, from 284 shipsets in phase I to 480 shipsets in phase II, then to 163 shipsets in phase II ramp-up, is witnessing COSCO Shipping’s pursuit in excellence of  building full supply chain service; from one shipset in two weeks to one shipset per week, then to six shipsets per month, is witnessing way forward of self-transcendence of COSCO Shipping Airbus project team.

              Since 2008, with dedication of  efforts of the whole group and   effective integration of  domestic and overseas resources, COSCO Shipping has fully guaranteed  international supply chain of Airbus project. Especially since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus  pandemic, the global team responsible for this project has taken extraordinary measures to react positively.

              COSCO Shipping Lines makes every effort to maintain the stability of  AEU3 service which carries aircraft components of this project, and ensure vessel schedule and lead time. COSCO Shipping Europe keeps close contact with Representative Office of Tianjin Free Trade Zone and Airbus Hamburg, and ensures operational safety in Europe  and smooth information flow. COSCO Shipping Logistics has established a special communication mechanism with Airbus and Tianjin Free Trade Zone for regular exchange of relevant updates, all-weather response to production requirements, and coordinating implementation of logistics scheme.

              Since the launch of the first-level response to the novel coronavirus  pandemic in Tianjin from 00:00 Jan.24th 2020, COSCO Shipping has completed transportation and delivery of 16 aircrafts  from Europe to China, and given full support to the continuityof global supply chain of Airbus project.

              Milestones in Airbus project in 12 years


              Nov.2007, COSCO Shipping as the sole transport service provider, won the FAL China project with door-to-door logistics services for major componnents and complete parts of 284 aircrafts.


              Jun.24th 2008, the first shipset of major aircraft components of Airbus project departed from Airbus Hamburg plant, and arrived at Tianjin port carried by M.V. ‘COSCO Seattle’, then was delivered to Airbus Tianjin plant by road convoy on Jul.25th 2008.

              Jun.13th 2012, the 100th aircraft of Airbus project is delivered.

              Sep.  2nd 2014, the 200th  aircraft  is delivered.

              Jun.9th 2016, the 300th aircraft  is delivered.

              Sep.18th 2018, the 400th aircraft  is delivered.

              Apr.14th 2020, the 500th aircraft is delivered.


              For 12 years, COSCO Shipping Airbus project has always adhered strictly to the  attitude of ‘Every shipset is the  first shipset‘ and pursued to perfect our job. Twelve years of successful operation cannot be separated from the careful work of the project team, the collaboration among COSCO Shipping Logistics, COSCO Shipping Lines and COSCO Shipping Europe, and fully reflects COSCO Shipping’s general strength and unremitting pursuit to build a comprehensive supply chain services group.

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