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              COSCO SHIPPING Logistics assisted first departure of "Luzhou" China-Europe Railway Express
              發布時間: 2022-01-27 分享到:

              At 9:00 on January 25th, the launching ceremony of China-Europe Railway Express train "Luzhou" was held in Luzhou Port. Han Jun, assistant to the general manager of COSCO SHIPPING Group and chairman and secretary of the party committee of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics, was invited to attend the ceremony and deliver a speech on behalf of the Group.

              COSCO SHIPPING Logistics, as a platform company for the operation of China-Europe freight train in Luzhou, successfully launched the train after half a year of preparation, which symbolized a positive measure of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics to deeply implement the strategic agreement between COSCO SHIPPING Group and the Sichuan Provincial Government, and also serves as an important carrier to provide sustained service for the new dual-cycle development pattern in the future.

              Dong Daxin, Deputy General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics, and the head of Southwest Branch accompanied the participants.

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